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Our mission: Better understand how to prepare for the chaos of disasters, to develop technologies which aid in response, and to enable equitable recovery for all stakeholders.

Balance in a response & recovery system is reliant upon the readiness of our formal systems, upon competent & capable workforces, and attention to the needs of those most vulnerable among us.

Improved Real-Time Evacuation Modeling & Simulation

Tools enabling rapid, accurate planning & evacuation incorporating population vulnerabilty at it’s core.  We are working on support for dynamic changes and custom/localized streaming inputs producing unique, highly-customized, contextual, and timely evacuation models within seconds.

High Efficiency & Efficacy Visualization for Disasters

The goal of this project is to promote an ecosystem of usable and interoperable tools, supporting disaster specific use cases ranging from exploratory data analysis to effective communication via custom visualization design for data ranging from sensr input to weather.

Community Lifeline Stabilization and Dependency Mapping

Delivering solutions for long-standing cross-sector coordination challenges utilising dependency mapping & cascading consequence analysis, illuminating where each sector impacts others and informing priority restoration decisions to accellerate community lifeline stabilization.

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